We recently received an inquiry pertaining to common confusion about ADHD and Giftedness.  We were asked, is gifted the same as ADHD?  Here is our answer:

While the definition of “gifted” is not the same as ADHD, there is a very high rate of misdiagnosis due to characteristics of giftedness mirroring ADHD symptoms.  There is also dual diagnosis of children who are gifted and have ADHD.

According to the National Association of Gifted Children, the term “twice-exceptional,” also referred to as “2e,” is used to describe gifted children who, have the characteristics of gifted students with the potential for high achievement and give evidence of one or more disabilities as defined by federal or state eligibility criteria. These disabilities may include specific learning disabilities (SpLD), speech and language disorders, emotional/behavioral disorders, physical disabilities, autism spectrum, or other impairments such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)Children with dual diagnosis are known as Twice Exceptional or 2E.

There are MANY resources online that show the comparison and research regarding the misdiagnosis of ADHD and giftedness.  One you may want to look at is: https://www.sengifted.org/post/adhd-and-children-who-are-gifted.  If you have questions regarding a specific child, I’m happy to sit down with you to talk, and help point you to any additional resources you may need.