We are currently part of a fundraising campaign called A Community Thrives.  It is a fundraising competition where organizations compete to raise the most money for their cause.

We are raising money for our integrated STEM program.  If we meet our $5,000 goal we will be eligible for a grand prize up to $100,000 if we meet.  There are also weekly contests for prize money.  It is a great time to make your contribution, no matter the size, go farther by donating during the contest.

This contest ends this week!. Donations go toward technological and science equipment and STEM-related instructional materials and supplies.  This is a great time to donate.  Thank you for your support with anything you can give.

To help, please Click Here and give what you can.

If you want to go a step further and join our fundraising team, that would be even more incredible. Imagine the money we could raise together if you reached out to your network about our cause. To donate or to join the fundraising team, please Click Here.

You can also share the URL directly with your network:  https://www.crowdrise.com/o/en/campaign/silverleaf-school-oregon

Thanks so much for supporting our efforts to make a difference for these extraordinary kids.