“Silverleaf has helped my son feel like he belongs in school. He is excited to go every day!”

“Silverleaf has created an environment where a child’s love of learning is celebrated.”

When my child talks about school, he says it’s “interesting” and “so much fun.” I haven’t heard those words about school for years.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving my kid permission to use his beautiful brain!”

“My child gets to be himself all day.  He can show up with his sensitivity, perfectionism, energy, hunger for learning, quirky sense of humor, and innovative ideas…and he receives support and a sense of belonging. The teachers understand him, and the other parents understand me–we support each other.”

I no longer have to worry if my child is sitting bored in the back of the room all day.  I don’t have to spend hours advocating to the school to please provide adequate support.  Thank you!”

“The teaching staff are nurturing, friendly, and very approachable.  I especially want to mention Mr. L, who massively improved my child’s confidence in progressing dramatically with Math.  All the teachers have been lovely.  Her love of all the teachers and variety of subjects given, has truly made my child enjoy coming to school.”