Afternoon of the Arts was Spectacular!

We enjoyed a wonderful Afternoon of the Arts!   Families came to enjoy the 2022 Music Showcase and view student art, photography and projects on display.  Thank you Miss Gale for your awesome music instruction, and Miss Ruddiman, Mr. Schweickert and Mr. Toepfer for your creativity and inspirational leadership of the students each and every day.

Students worked very hard on the musical performance and it showed.  Special thanks to our soloists and duoists:  Ada (bongos), Mikah (wood flute), Ella and Dylan (recorders), Emma (piano), Duncan (violin), , Helen and Larsen (piano).   They were all amazing.


The Ducklings are Here!

Gizmo and Cosmo are enjoying school and the students watched Zipper hatch today.  Thank you Mr. Schweickert (our awesome STEM teacher) and students for taking such good care of them.




Earth Day Celebration

Students had an awesome 2022 Earth Day celebration.  Our annual tradition:  litter clean up!  After rounding up a lot of trash in our neighborhood, the students cleaned out and replanted some of the community garden beds at school.  We had fun games, activities, and yummy food.  Thanks everyone for making it such a fun day.  Great job students!


2022 Silverleaf Science Expo

Thank you students, teachers and parents for another successful Silverleaf Science Expo.  The students worked very hard and were so proud to share their work!  Thank you Mr. Schweickert for your leadership and instruction in preparation for this great event!

“Open” House Meet-and-Greet February 22, 2022

“Open” House Meet-and-Greet will be February 22, 2022, from 5-6:30 p.m.  Reservations for Open House are required this year due to COVID Reserve a space on the Contact Us page and come have a look around and meet the teachers. Registration for 2022-23 is open. If February 22 doesn’t work for you, get in touch to schedule an individual tour.  Get in touch via the contact us page for more information on admissions.

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