National STEM Day




November 8 was National STEM Day!  Students continued work on their science projects.



At Silverleaf, we love STEM!

We have STEM class 3 days per week and STEAM Exploration offered after school. 



Halloween Yoga

Yoga and Wellness is such an important part of the educational experience offered at Silverleaf.  Students finished learning about their wise minds and protector brains in October; and are studying what types of things help us have a healthy mind.  Ms. Trivelli is teaching common yoga shapes and mindfulness practices. This year, Halloween fell on a yoga day—that was fun!

Fall STEM Class


Fall has been busy in STEM.  This fall students learned about chemistry, sound waves, plant biology the carbon cycle—decomposers are fun!

Fall Family Night

Fall Family Night was October 22.  The students, led by our amazing music instructors Ms. Monica and Ms. Jewelia from River City Rock Academy, gave their first musical performance at Fall Family Night .  We had our first field trip that day also.

Summer STEAM Space Camp is a Blast!

Campers are together this week for Space Exploration Camp–building life-size rovers, learning about worm holes, designing giant floor maps of the solar system and even creating their own planets.  It is out of this world!

Summer STEAM Program

Join us this summer to create, experiment, innovate and learn using the scientific method and other skills.  Space Exploration, Machines, Superheroes, Earth, Engineering and Science are few of the themes.

Camps are open to all children ages 5-12.

Camp hours are M-F 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Register on the Programs and Events page of the website.

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